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Snowflake[A-Z] Zero to Hero Masterclass(Core+SQL+API+Visual)

Become a Snowflake expert from scratch with our comprehensive “Snowflake Zero to Hero Masterclass” course. Gain hands-on experience and learn the essentials of Snowflake. Kickstart your career in cloud data warehousing today!

Tableau Fundamentals

Tableau Fundamentals | Crash Course to Start from Scratch

Jumpstart your Tableau journey with our crash course! Learn the fundamentals from scratch, including data visualization, dashboards, and basic analytics. Gain practical skills and unleash the power of Tableau in no time.

Snowflake Core Certification

Snowflake SnowPro Core Certification – Practice Tests

Ace your Snowflake SnowPro Core Certification with our comprehensive practice tests. Covering all exam domains and providing detailed explanations, these tests will boost your confidence and ensure success in the certification exam.

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1. Start with Azure Purview

Kickstart Data Governance with Azure Purview

Kickstart Data Governance with Azure Purview: Discover how to leverage Azure Purview to implement robust data governance practices, ensuring data quality, compliance, and effective data management strategies. Hands-on exercises included

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Git and Github – Beginner to Advanced

Master the essentials of Git and Github in this comprehensive course. From basic commands to advanced branching strategies, learn to collaborate effectively, manage repositories, and unleash the power of version control