Introduction to Snowflake SQL


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Before going to learn Snowflake SQL, let us understand what is Snowflake and what is SQL.


Snowflake is a cloud Data Warehouse which is offered as Software-as-a-service (SaaS).
If you are not aware about Cloud, you may watch below video to get better understanding on it:

Below are some of the advantages to user when working on snowflake cloud data warehouse:

To create a free snowflake account, follow steps as mentioned in below video:

SQL - Structured Query Language

It is a primary language to communicate with a Database. As per American National Standards Institute (ANSI), it is standard language for Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). Using SQL, one can perform operations such as create, store, update, manipulate or retrieve the data inside an RDBMS.

In these series of tutorials, all above commands will be covered in detail with good hands on examples.

Being SQL is a standard language for Relational databaes, it is supported by all the on-premise or cloud databases/datawarehouses. However, some databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, etc. have modified versions of Standard SQL.

The good thing about Snowflake SQL is that it supports standard version of SQL (ANSI), hence if you learn Snowflake SQL, it can be easily applied in other databases as well.