Snowflake Zero to Hero MasterClass

Snowflake is an in-demand cloud Data Warehouse. It solves most of the problems such as scalability, maintenance and downtime which we used to face with traditional data warehouses. Using its Modern Architecture and Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) power, many complex problems can be solved within minutes. These days, Data Analysts/Data Scientists/Data Engineers are adopting Snowflake to avoid any maintenance and to pay what they use. Because of its elasticity, they spend less time finding insights from the data stored in Snowflake

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Know about basics of Snowflake SQL. Don't worry! It is not Rocket Science

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DDL: Data Definition Language

First step is to create Database objects. Snowflake has little more to do

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Setup Free Snowflake Account

What is Time Travel - Detailed

Set & Alter Time Travel Retention Time Property

What is Failsafe in snowflake - Detailed Overview

Snowpipe Introduction

Load CSV Data from s3 using Snowpipe